Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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‘Pikmin 4’ trailer introduces Ice Pikmin and a weird dog thing

A screenshot of Oatchi in

Nintendo has launched a trailer for Pikmin 4, six years after Hey! Pikmin came out on the 3DS and a decade after Pikmin 3‘s release in 2013. It’s been an extended wait, however hopefully it will be price it for nostalgic followers.

As in earlier video games, Pikmin 4 has gamers amass a tiny military of plant-headed Pikmin who observe you round like a trusting flock of ducklings. You can then use your followers to unravel puzzles and defeat enemies by way of the facility of overwhelming numbers, actually throwing them at no matter drawback you come throughout.

New components added in Pikmin 4 embrace Ice Pikmin, that are capable of freeze issues, in addition to a bizarre canine creature referred to as Oatchi who you and your tiny Pikmin cult can hitch a experience on.

Pikmin 4 will land Jul. 21 on Nintendo Switch.

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