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Video Show Large ‘Powder Cloud’ Avalanche Descending Down US Mountain

Video Show Large 'Powder Cloud' Avalanche Descending Down US Mountain

The video reveals two skiers watching the avalanche from a distance

A video has surfaced on the web that options an avalanche witnessed by skiers in Utah, US. The energy cloud avalanche was seen at a Utah ski resort.

The video was posted by the Utah Avalanche Center on YouTube. The video reveals two skiers watching the avalanche from a distance and attempting to seize it on their telephones. From the snow-clad mountain, an enormous quantity of snow is seen travelling down the facet of Mount Timpanogos. It floats over the group of skirts and snowboarders in a blinding whirlwind. 

The man who’s recording the video will be heard saying, “What the heck bro? That’s one of the biggest avalanches I’ve ever seen in real life. It’s gonna pummel us.”

According to Utah Avalanche Center, the cloud of snow was brought on by an avalanche that had come to a halt, whereas snowflakes within the air continued on.

The centre stated, “Avalanche debris stopped safely in the Dry Lakes area adjacent to the ski area but the dust cloud carried for hundreds of yards.”

The video additionally surfaced on Twitter and was shared by Chris Harrington. The caption of the video reads, “A friend just shared this with me. Avalanche at @SundanceResort. Just now.”

Mr Harrington knowledgeable within the feedback part that nobody was injured. “Have confirmed with Sundance that this was off property and there were no injuries,” he wrote.

The web was shocked after the video went viral. A person wrote, “General thought: If you see a major avalanche-like thingy rolling your way, assume you are in harm’s way and get out of there. I’m shocked those people just hung around to video and snap photos.”

Another person wrote, “WOW! What incredible footage #avalance.”

“I’m sprinting in the opposite direction in this scenario,” the third person commented.


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